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Short, clear, inspiring, gospel-centered books

44 Cruciform Press titles and counting

The first titles in our publishing partnership with Desiring God

Cruciform Quick

The Cruciform Quick series

Introducing the Cruciform Quick series

A line of booklets in the range of 40 to 60 pages each. We’re launching the series with three titles from Tim Challies, and we look forward to additional authors publishing in this series.

What We Do

We like to keep it simple. So at Cruciform Press we publish and distribute short, clear, useful, inexpensive books for Christians and other curious people. Books that make sense and are easy to read, even as they tackle serious subjects.

We do this because the good news of Jesus Christ—the gospel—is the only thing that actually explains why this world is so wonderful and so awful all at the same time. Even better, the gospel applies to every single area of life, and offers real answers that aren’t available from any other source.

In other words, the gospel changes everything.

Some of our authors are well known as writers, speakers, pastors, or bloggers. Others are new to the scene. Every one of them has something important and special to say, and says it well.

These are books you can afford, enjoy, finish easily, benefit from, and remember. Check us out and see. Then join us as part of a publishing revolution that’s good news for the gospel, the church, and the world.

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Part of our mission is to help convince people that Christian books don’t have to be big, scary things that they never finish reading and then feel guilty about. If you don’t finish one of our books in about two evenings, we probably haven’t done our job.

So all our books are…

    • Short and to the point.
    • Clear, as well as concise, helpful, inspiring, and easy to read.
    • Inexpensive even at full price, not to mention our automatic discounts.

Technology has everyone reading more, but it trains us to want everything fast.

This reality isn’t going to change anytime soon. So we’re trying to meet people where they are by offering accessible books that address some of the most pressing issues of life, from a consistently biblical perspective.

    • Solid authors. Relevant topics. Reliable theology.
    • Gospel-focused. Local-church oriented.

We release our books in print and the three top ebook formats.

The best prices are right here on this site.

You can also get our books from almost any pertinent website, book-buying app, or brick-and-mortar store.

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