Author Inquiries

Are you interested in possibly publishing with Cruciform Press? If so, read on. (You also might want to consider this Book Doctor program.)

We want every book we publish to…

    • serve the reader
    • directly or indirectly
    • by teaching, story, example, encouragement, or inspiration
    • from an essentially Reformed perspective
    • in one or more of the following ways:
    1. By helping to answer the question, “As a Christian, how can I honor Christ and his gospel more effectively?”
    2. By offering a deeper or clearer understanding of what it means to follow Christ.
    3. By building faith for the daily challenge of following Christ.
    4. By drawing the reader closer to the Savior.

We are looking for men and women whose writing packs a lot of value into a small space.

We seek strong writers with sound theology, who have important things to say, and who know how to say them clearly and succinctly, with grace and encouragement.

After all, there are a thousand ways to write creatively and helpfully about this Christian life. There are a hundred ways in which each of us could learn to live fuller, more biblical, more grace-filled, more God-glorifying lives. And there are a million engaging, inspiring, important stories we should be telling each other.

We believe this effort represents a small but meaningful part of the future of publishing, and that this future will be vital to the spread of the gospel, the encouragement of the Church, and the declaration of Christ’s Kingdom.

Our books are intentionally short. Standard titles are typically about 20,000 to 25,000 words (although sometimes we stretch a little higher), and the Quick booklets are targeted at 8,000 to 10,000 words.

Unless you are familiar with at least two of our books, please read some (most book pages include lengthy samples) to help you determine if your project might be a good fit for us.

Do you know an author like the kind we are looking for? If you do, or if it’s you, let us know.

Use the form below to contact us. Please specify that you have read this entire page, that you are interested in learning more about the possibility of publishing with Cruciform Press, and request the Author Information Sheet. Also, please don’t send us info about your project or idea until you review what we send you. Thank you!