Ebook Licenses

What are Ebook Distribution Licenses?

Our Ebook Distribution Licenses allow you to give away Cruciform Press ebooks, legally and with a good conscience, and at low cost to you, the license holder.

Please note:

    • This service is intended primarily for churches, ministry leaders, and conference organizers, but anyone is welcome to participate.
    • Ebook licenses are not available to resellers, including membership organizations to which people pay a fee to gain access to a range of products.

How do they work?

You purchase a license for one specific book title. Your license grants you the right to give away up to a specific number of copies of that ebook. We then send you an email with three download links, one link for each of the three dominant ebook formats.

Click to open: Exception for PDF-only ebooks

Exception: PDF-only ebooks

Currently we offer two books that are only available in PDF format (not ePub or Mobipocket). These are “Joy! – A Bible Study on Philippians for Women” and “Faith – A Bible Study on James for Women.” These books are designed to be written in extensively, so our ebook offering is limited to a PDF file that can be printed out on paper.

You can give away these downloaded ebooks to anyone, over any period of time, by any means you like. (See the FAQ below for exceptions when printing PDF files on paper.)

You can upgrade to the next level within 1 year of your purchase or upgrade.

What do they cost?

Ebook Distribution Licenses come in four levels.

LEVEL A   /   50 to 100 ebooks   /   $199.00

LEVEL B   /   101 to 250 ebooks   /   $299.00

LEVEL C   /   251 to 500 ebooks   /   $399.00

LEVEL D   /   501 to 1000 ebooks   /   $499.00



Is there a particular book of ours that you think may be especially helpful for people? An Ebook Distribution License gives you the right to freely distribute ebooks in any way you choose. Here are some of the typical followup questions:

How long will my download links work?

Until you have downloaded the maximum number of books associated with the license you purchased.

How long will my distribution license be valid?

Until the moment you distribute the last ebook your license entitles you to distribute. You can give away ebooks as slowly or as quickly as you like.

What if I want to give away more ebooks than my license allows?

You can upgrade to the next license level anytime within 1 year of your purchase or latest upgrade. Upgrades cost only the price difference between levels.

Does this offer apply to print books?

No, only to ebooks.

What formats do the ebooks come in?

The three most popular formats.

    • Mobipocket  files are native to the Kindle
    • EPub files are native to the iPad/iPhone/iPod, the Nook, and many other ereaders, tablets, smart phones, and other handheld devices.
    • PDF files can be read on any computer or digital device. They can also be printed out and will basically look just like our print books. Recipients don’t even need to own a tablet or ereader!

Click to open: Making print copies from PDF

Exception: Making print copies

Do you want to use the PDF files you obtain through a licensing agreement to create print books or photocopies?

This license does give you the right to collect from the end-users (or someone else) sufficient funds to reimburse you for any out-of-pocket costs you might incur to reproduce the books on paper. But you may not collect any more than that — that would make you a reseller, and this license does not give you that right.

Who is allowed to download files from the links you provide?

That’s up to you.

    • You may choose to share the links among people you want to give the books to, and they can download ebooks themselves.
    • Or you may prefer to keep the links private, or only share them among a small group of people within your church or ministry. In that case the books can be downloaded from time to time and shared with whomever you want to have them.
    • Or if, for example, you know in advance how many copies of which ebook formats you want, you can download them all at once, store them on a hard drive, and parcel them out any way you want.

Can I make copies of the ebooks I get from you?

No, this license does not give you the right to make copies of any of our ebooks. You may only distribute the actual, original files you have downloaded.

How do I keep track of how many books I have downloaded?

In one sense, you don’t need to worry about that. We track the number of downloads for you, and the link will be disabled when the maximum number of downloads is reached.

Can I resell the ebooks I get from you?

No, this is only a distribution license and does not give you any right to charge money for our ebooks. You can only give them away. (But see the sidebar for an exception if you intend to use PDF files to reproduce books on paper.)

Can I make print copies from the ebooks I download from you?

Yes, with some restrictions.

    • This would involve using the PDF version of the book to print out photocopies of the book, or you may prefer to use a printer or quick-copy shop to print them for you.
    • You may collect from the end-user of the book the amount of money you pay out-of-pocket to print the books on paper, but you may not charge any more than the break-even amount.
    • You must download from the link we provide you one PDF file for each book you intend to have physically printed.

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