Tim Challies

The Commandment We Forgot

Paperback, Three Ebook Formats

A commandment from God. A commandment with a promise. A commandment we forgot.

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The Commandment We Forgot, by Tim Challies (a Cruciform Quick booklet)

We are all children, we ought to pursue God’s blessings, and we need to give prominence to God’s prominent command. For these reasons, we can no longer ignore the forgotten commandment.

This commandment is not just for children. Rather, it pertains to the whole of life and to every person of every age. In the home, the church, and the workplace, it provides a stable foundation for all of society. Yet, we often neglect it and fail to appreciate its relevance to our lives. It is the commandment we forgot.

This booklet is a brief exploration of the fifth commandment: Honor your father and your mother. It answers important questions relevant to every Christian: Does this commandment expire when we move out of our parents’ home and gain our independence? Does it cease being relevant once we are married? Is obedience synonymous with honor? Do we need to be prepared to provide for them financially? What if our parents are especially difficult or unworthy of respect?

My hope is that this booklet will restore the centrality of the fifth commandment, even and especially to adults. Let’s look together to the Bible and, ultimately, to Jesus Christ as the perfect fulfillment of the commandment we forgot.

–Tim Challies


Tim ChalliesTim Challies is a Christian, a husband to Aileen, and a father to three children aged 9 to 15. He is a book reviewer for WORLD magazine, a co-founder of Cruciform Press, and has written several books including The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment and Sexual Detox. He worships and serves as a pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario and writes daily at www.challies.com.


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52 pages


Paperback, Three Ebook Formats


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